For over 15 years, Le Korsa has been helping to improve healthcare in Dakar and Tambacounda.

In 2019, there was 1 doctor per 10,000 inhabitants in Senegal.

Thanks to long-term relationships with partners such as Dr. Magueye Ba of Sinthian Medical Clinic and Dr. Seydou Badiane, former chief of neurosurgery at Fann Hospital, Le Korsa is helping hospitals and rural medical clinics offer better care to more patients.

Many doctors and nurses in Senegal lack resources, from specialized equipment to basics such as gauze, surgical gloves and wheelchairs. We partner with them, and with the US-based organization Project C.U.R.E., to bring in much-needed medical supplies and equipment; to date we have brought in seven shipping containers of materials, whose value is estimated in the millions of dollars. We also help doctors, such as those in the pediatric neurosurgery department at Fann Hospital, attend specialized trainings that further develop their skills. For families who cannot afford medical care, we offer subsidies for emergency situations and for medicine.

We are also improving maternal healthcare in Senegal. At Keur Djiguene Yi, the Women's Center of Dakar, Dr. Juliette Faye and her staff offer free pre- and post-natal care to thousands of low-income women in Dakar and its environs. The recent redesign of Tambacounda Hospital's maternity and pediatric units brings 300% more capacity to those spaces, improving the comfort of expectant mothers, newborns, and the many doctors and nurses who work with them.

Additional projects include collaborations with Go Doc Go, a team of US-based doctors who offer free cervical cancer screenings. Learn more about our specific projects below.

How You Can Help

Even the smallest donation can help a patient in Senegal receive better care.

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Dr. Seydou Badiane of Fann Hospital
At Tambacounda Hospital's redesigned Maternity and Pediatric Units
Dr. Magueye Ba at Sinthian Medical Clinic
Dr. Juliette Faye at the Women's Center of Dakar