Le Korsa provides financial and material support to this teaching hospital in Dakar, and in particular to its pediatric neurosurgery department, the only one of its kind in West Africa.

Le Korsa’s primary way of supporting Fann Hospital, a teaching hospital located in Dakar, is by obtaining equipment and supplies for its doctors and nurses. We also help acquire supplies needed in emergencies, such as the Covid 19 pandemic.

Fann has 341 beds and major outpatient services. It has some 100 doctors and 300 nurses on staff, and serves as one of the main treatment centers for the millions of people who reside in Dakar and patients coming from rural Senegal and neighboring countries.

Fann’s neurosurgery center has a pediatric unit that is unique in West Africa. Le Korsa’s primary contact, Dr. Seydou Badiane, is the former director of the neurosurgery department for the entire hospital, and a consultant to the Senegalese Minister of Health. Through him we maintain close ties to the hospital, and do our best to support projects as needed.

We have provided grants to fund training in the technique of stereotaxy, which greatly increases Fann’s capacity to treat tumors and other medical conditions. We also give $6000 every three months to help cover care for patients who cannot otherwise afford it.

In 2012, Le Korsa funded the refurbishment of the pediatric ward of the hospital. The modernized ward now has new, functional beds and improved lighting and plumbing, making it vastly safer and cleaner than it was previously.

Through our partnership with Project C.U.R.E., we have delivered three shipping containers full of donated medical materials to Fann Hospital, including beds, wheelchairs, surgical tools, and basics such as sanitizer and gloves.

How You Can Help

Just $20.00 can help us provide Fann with the basic supplies, such as gloves and sanitizer, that the hospital always needs.

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