Le Korsa's projects are community-led and developed through long-term partnerships.

When Le Korsa was incorporated as AFLK in 2005—our initial mandate was to support the French non-profit organization Le Kinkeliba—we knew only that our goal was to support medical aid and education in Senegal. We have grown and adapted and now work in agriculture and the arts, too. Thanks to the collaboration of so many remarkable Senegalese colleagues, and the generous spirit of friends in places ranging from the quiet Muslim village of Fass to the vibrant city of Tambacounda to some of the poorest neighborhoods of Dakar to Ireland, France, and the U.S., where we have developed our donor base, we are now demonstrably improving the lives of great numbers of people in Senegal.

To hear children in one of our kindergartens sing, to witness an elderly woman who has had cataract surgery relish the pleasures of seeing after ten years of blindness, to see pregnant women getting essential medical care, to watch villagers dance and paint with our residents at Thread, and to walk in lush gardens where a newly formed cooperative of local women will soon harvest the healthy vegetables they will give their family or sell for income they never had before, is a joy for all of us at Le Korsa.

- Nicholas Fox Weber

Executive Director of the Albers Foundation Founder and President of Le Korsa