Art and Culture

Le Korsa helps artists to develop their own projects and provides arts education and cultural programs in Tambacounda. We also host a regional soccer tournament and an annual sports camp.

At Thread, the artists' residency and cultural center in Sinthian, Le Korsa and the Albers Foundation have hosted hundreds of local and international artists-in-residence, who spend a month in the village working on their own projects. Many also offer workshops to both children and adults, which have included creative writing, drawing, photography, weaving, and even collaborative site-specific artworks. The building, thanks to its large open spaces, also hosts the cultural performances of seven local schools, which feature theater, music, and dance, and offer the students—who hail from a variety of ethnic groups—a chance to share their traditions.

Le Korsa supports an annual regional soccer tournament, an annual tennis and basketball camp on the court we constructed across from Thread, and an ongoing lacrosse program that is run with the support of artist Ryan Cronin.

Journalism and essential news are spread through Radio Tabadian, a community radio station developed by Le Korsa in partnership with the local population, which broadcasts from Gouloumbou and serves the wider Missirah region.

Our cultural support extends to the city of Tambacounda, where Le Korsa has underwritten cultural festivals, helped artist Saliou Diop develop his own artists' residency, and assisted a local artist with a mural-painting project throughout the city. At the Foyers des Tambacounda, we offer art classes and creative writing workshops.

To distribute material possessions

is to divide them

to distribute spiritual possessions

is to multiply them

- Josef Albers

Artist Patrick Joel Tatcheda painting in the courtyard at Thread.
Tennis camp, 2022
Learning to make easels during an art class at Les Foyers des Tambacounda.
A mural of the Senegambian megaliths, painted by Aliou Niang to enliven a wall in Tambacounda.
A dance festival at Thread.
Artist Saliou Diop at his rooftop artists' residency in Tambacounda.