Le Korsa worked with the local community of Missirah to develop Radio Tabadian, a community radio station broadcasting from Gouloumbou, which provides essential news coverage in local languages.

Working in conjunction with the Foundation for West Africa (FWA) and L’Union des Radios Associatives et Communautaires du Sénégal (URAC), Le Korsa helped the commune of Missirah create a community radio station in the village of Gouloumbou, located on the national road between Tambacounda and Kedougou, near the junction of the road to Sinthian.

Radio Tabadian allows the local population to discuss and share issues that are essential to their lives and their communities. People do so in a variety of local languages, including Bambara, Mandinka, Pulaar, Serer, and Wolof. The station has no political affiliation and is a platform for all parties and points of view on issues ranging from genital mutilation to government policy, and helps citizens stay engaged.

Radio Tabadian was inaugurated in April 2019 after four years of planning and construction. Its members include many local civic and professional organizations. The collective of banana growers, the largest employer in the region, is among these. Members pay a yearly fee, which goes towards operations and programming. The diverse support base is continuously growing.

The Board of Directors hired Madame Rougui Souare of Koar at the Station Manager. Monsieur Abdoulaye Kanté—a former Le Korsa scholarship student from Sinthian—is Program Director. Both underwent training at a station in Ndiaganiaw, near Thiès. Together, the director and her team of six—some are paid, others are volunteers—oversee programming and operations.

The range of programs is constantly growing. With radio being one of the best means of reaching people in a region of scattered villages, the idea is to appeal to a range of listeners with open and engaging discourse.

How You Can Help

$50.00 could pay for an association's annual dues at Radio Tabadian.

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