Jan 18, 2023

An OBGYN now has the equipment he needs thanks to Le Korsa.

Improving life for mothers and children in Senegal—where the maternal mortality rate is needlessly high—has been one of Le Korsa’s primary goals.

In 2015, with OBGYN Dr. Juliette Faye, we opened Keur Djiguene Yi, the Women’s Center of Dakar, to offer exceptional maternal and pediatric healthcare at no cost to women and children who could not afford it otherwise. The center started small, with just a few hundred patients per year and Dr. Faye as the sole OBGYN; seven years on, Dr. Faye has two other OBGYNS and a pediatrician working with her.  They see thousands of patients annually and are vastly improving healthcare for women and children.

Earlier this summer, Dr. Faye wrote to us about a young OBGYN, Dr. Mamour Gueye at the Philippe Maguilen Senghor clinic, who was in urgent need of new equipment. Thanks to your donations, we were able to rapidly source and deliver two cardiotocographs to Dr. Gueye,  who wasted no time putting them to use. “The cardiotocographs were delivered and the very first exams were successfully performed!” he wrote last week.

Finding and delivering these machines at a moment’s notice wouldn’t be possible without you. As Dr. Faye said, “Once again Le Korsa has brought its touch to improving life for patients and pregnant mothers. I am proud to be part of this family.”