Mar 12, 2024

Students at the Foyer are in need of laptops.

The Foyer de Jeunes Filles in Tambacounda is home to 144 young women, from rural villages, who live on its campus while they complete their secondary studies. Because their villages lack high schools, without the Foyer these young women would not be able to continue their education, and would most likely face early marriage. The Foyer provides them with everything they need to succeed, from after-school tutoring and career programs to community, safety, and security. But the Foyer’s computer lab is outdated and we are in need of better computers for these talented young women. As a start, we are looking for 50 laptops, used or new, that can be shared among the students there. Can you help? We will accept laptop donations in France, or monetary donations to the Foyer’s laptop fund; simply write "laptops" in the dedication. Even small donations can make a difference. Please email if you have a laptop to donate. Thank you!