Oct 6, 2023

Through the Women's Center of Dakar and partnerships with Go Doc Go, Le Korsa is doing more than ever before to improve women's healthcare in Senegal.

Dr. Juliette Faye at the Women's Center of Dakar.

Le Korsa is making more of a difference than ever before concerning women’s healthcare in Senegal. As knowledge increases in this vital area of medical care and more services become available for Senegalese women, we gladly offer our support. It has become one of our priorities.

As most of you know, we have created and provide the financing for Keur Djiguene Yi, the Women’s Health Center in Dakar. (The Wolof name translates literally to “A Gathering Place for Women.”) The dynamic doctor at the helm, Juliette Faye, performs miracles. This year, Dr. Faye and her staff at Keur Djiguene Yi are likely to have served over 1400 patients by the end of December, a 10% increase over 2022. Almost 70% of these patients come for prenatal care, but the clinic offers a full range of women’s health services, from family planning to infertility treatments. There is a pediatrician who sees children on Saturday mornings. Dr. Faye and her staff remain available 24/7, and often help their patients—many of whom come from low-income backgrounds—with rides to the hospital and job searches. Thanks to your support, all this care is provided at no cost to patients.

We oversee logistics and make connections for Go Doc Go, a splendid American organization which specializes in cervical cancer screening and treatment. Headed by Dr. Maggie Carpenter, Go Doc Go made its seventeenth trip to Senegal this September. Dr. Faye, who helps coordinate work with local clinics and hospitals, traveled with them. Their four medical providers visited clinics in Fatick, Dakar, and Saint Louis, screening nearly 250 patients for cervical cancer and treating ten of them, all at no cost to the patients. They also trained over fifty staff at four facilities and donated equipment so that the local medical providers can continue to screen and treat on their own.
Dr. Faye recently introduced us to Dr. Mamour Gueye and her team at the Philippe Maguilen Senghor Health Center in Dakar, where they treat uterine, breast, and ovarian cancers. Since many patients lack the health coverage necessary for effective treatments, the center requested 25 chemotherapy ports that provide affordable and comfortable chemotherapy treatment; thanks to Le Korsa, the ports are currently on their way to the clinic.

You make it all possible.