Fass School

In 2011, Le Korsa funded the construction of a kindergarten in the village of Sinthian where enrollment has risen to over 100 students. The students learn reading, writing, and math prior to entering the state-run primary school at age six, and benefit from running water, absent in their homes, and nutritional meals. We pay the teachers’ salaries; Le Korsa always helps maintain what it builds. 

We have been given the extraordinary permission and encouragement to create a similar school in the far more rural and isolated village of Fass, where we have helped to build and maintain a medical center. At the dedication ceremony of the center’s maternity unit in 2012, the local Imam enthusiastically agreed to allow the construction of a school.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Dr. Magueye Ba, who has overseen logistics, and the generous support of Le Korsa donors Laurel Hixon and Michael Keane, we broke ground for the school in February 2017. It is a development of staggering importance, since it will be the first school permitted in an area where, until now, all education in French has been prohibited and only Koranic teaching has been provided, exclusive of other subjects. Because of the Le Korsa network of Senegalese friends and staff on site, we are confident that we can make this groundbreaking institution flourish. The school will open to students for the first time in the fall of 2018.