Allegra Itsoga – Director

Allegra joined the staff of Le Korsa as the Director in 2013. She is based in our US office where she manages fundraising and programs. Allegra is in daily contact with the staff in Senegal to help ensure that their needs are being met and progress is being made. She has a passion for social justice and working hands-on in underserved communities. She had previously spent three years living and working abroad in West Africa.


Louis Valentin – Program Director

Louis Valentin is Senegalese and a French citizen. He is based in Paris and has been the Program Director for Le Korsa since 2014. His studies covered a range of subjects including political science, diplomacy, philosophy and theology, with a specialty in the thinking of Alfred North Whitehead. He is teaching in Paris and helps to foster the youth both in Paris and in Senegal. He is dedicated to bringing positive change to his country. He studied and lived in many African countries, so he knows the continent and its different cultures very well. Louis will be meeting with doctors, nurses, students, educators and different other partners we work with in Senegal.


Moussa Sene – General Manager of Thread

Moussa Diogoye graduated from the English Department of University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar. After teaching English in the Catholic Private schools in Dakar, he studied for his Masters in project management studies. After receiving his masters, he worked for the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) as an Administrative and Projects Officer. Afterwards, he joined the International NGO Enda Energy, Environment and Development where he was in charge of coordinating the West and Central African civil society climate change policy work. Moussa was a member of the Board of Climate Action Network International until he joined Thread as its General Manager.


Robbie Smith – Director of Agriculture and Head of the UK and London Office

Robbie Smith joined Le Korsa after a career in fresh food purchasing and distribution. He has ten years of experience in working with farmers and food retailers throughout the United Kingdom, and is bringing his expertise to all of our agricultural projects in Senegal.


Massamba Camara – Director of Tambacounda Office

Massamba is the director of our Tambacounda office and acts as the point person for our major projects in the city. He is coordinating the expansion project at the Tambacounda Hospital and developing our student lunch program.


Habib Dieye – Coordinator of Agricultural Projects

Habib Dieye, a resident of Sinthian, is Le Korsa’s Coordinator of Agricultural Projects. He works closely with Moussa Sene at Thread to oversee the community farms of Dialico and Sinthian, and to develop new initiatives. Habib joined Le Korsa in February 2016.


Augustin Diouf – Assistant Coordinator of Agricultural Projects

Augustin Diouf works closely with Abib Dieye and Moussa Sene on the agricultural projects in Dialico and Sinthian, and also oversees the gardens and the security of Thread. He is based in Sinthian.


Mamadou Kanté – Assistant Project Manager, Thread

Working closely with Thread’s manager, Mamadou is a vital liaison between residents and the Sinthian community. In assisting artists with interactive projects, translation and logistical support, Mamadou is an adept facilitator with an abundance of local knowledge. Mamadou also collaborates with Thread’s Agriculture Coordinator to supervise gardening, honey and fonio projects; he focuses on assisting GIE members, reporting, and evaluation.


Brian Harris – Director of Programming and Special Projects

Brian Harris served for three years in Senegal as an agricultural extension volunteer in the U.S. Peace Corps. He completed his final year of service in partnership with Le Korsa, then joined us full-time in December 2016. With experience in agriculture, education, and fluency in Wolof, Brian oversees day-to-day operations in Senegal, and travels regularly throughout the country to conduct site visits.


Victoria Ebin – Cultural Consultant

Victoria Ebin is an anthropologist who has worked in Senegal for many years. As a researcher at IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement) and a Fulbright scholar, she studied the migration of a Senegalese Sufi brotherhood to Europe and the US. She also organizes seminars for Senegalese journalists on reproductive health and women’s rights as a way to promote discussion on these topics. At AFLK, she works on migration and is very involved in education projects at the Foyer de Jeunes Filles where she is organizing workshops for girls who want to become journalists. She has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University and a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia.


Andrew Seguin – Director of Communications

Andrew Seguin joined the Le Korsa staff as Director of Communications in July 2015. For many years he worked in independent schools, where he oversaw a range of communications, fundraising, and web projects. He is based in New York City.


Crystal Smethurst – Development Consultant

Crystal Smethurst began working with Le Korsa in 2018 and is based out of our U.S. office. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communication from Northeastern University and has over 15 years of experience in operations, finance and development in the pharmaceutical, education, fitness and non-profit industries. Crystal is currently leading development efforts for Le Korsa’s Tambacounda Hospital Campaign, which will support the construction of a much-needed new maternity and pediatric facility in the city of Tambacounda, Senegal.


Shannon Hart – Coordinator of International Partnerships

Shannon Hart joined the Le Korsa staff as Coordinator of International Partnerships in July 2018. She grew up in Zimbabwe and later pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Studio Art from Kenyon College. Currently based in Senegal, she is working towards creating sales platforms for Senegalese artists and creative entrepreneurs.


Kaylyn Fagan – Coordinator of Development and Grants

Kaylyn joined the Le Korsa staff in January 2018. She studied English and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut, where she developed a passion for grassroots activism. Kaylyn is based in our US office where she engages in program development and oversees grant writing activities.


Nicholas Fox Weber – Founder and President

Nicholas Fox Weber is a cultural historian. He is the Executive Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and has written extensively
 about each artist. He has curated many major exhibitions and
retrospectives of their work. Weber is a graduate of Columbia College and Yale University. He is the author of fourteen books including 
The Bauhaus Group, Le Corbusier, and The Clarks
 of Cooperstown.